Frequently Asked Questions


Where is VLK?

Victory Lane Karting is located at Interchange Park, the intersection of I-77 & I-85. We are minutes from everywhere in Charlotte.

Please click here for directions to our facility from your location.


What are your prices?

VLK prides itself on offering affordable pricing for world-class indoor kart racing. Please click here for our adult and youth pricing.


What are your hours?

Here at VLK we are available for event bookings 24 x 7 x 365. As for arrive and drive racing, we offer longer hours than anyone. Click here for racing hours.


What are the rules?

Karting is a fun and adrenaline filled activity. While we want you to enjoy yourself, safety comes first. Please see our rules and regulations which are designed to make racing fun and safe for everyone. We ask you to accept the rules and enjoy.


What type of karts do you have?

We use Sodi karts. They are manufactured in France and are known to be the best purpose built karts for indoor kart racing. They have a Honda 270cc engine. Our youth karts are a smaller version of the same Sodi Kart and have a Honda 160cc engine.


How fast do the karts go?

The adult karts are capable of speeds up to 35-40 mph.

The youth karts are capable of speeds up to 25-30 mph.

Please keep in mind that when you are racing you are only 2 inches off the ground! These speeds are extremely fast at that point of view.


Who can race at VLK?

Anyone with a valid driver’s license can arrive and drive, as long as they read, understand and sign our waiver form, and pay the appropriate fees.


Are there any age or height restrictions for racing?


In order to drive the youth kart (160cc engine) the racer must be 48 inches tall to safely operate the kart.

Maximum weight for youth cart racer is 200 lbs.

In order to drive the adult kart (270cc engine) the racer must be 58 inches tall to safely operate the kart.


Are there any maximum height or weight restriction for racing?

The weight limit is 300lbs. The Sodi racing kart can also become uncomfortable for customers over 6′ 4″ tall.


Do I need to bring anything to race?

VLK provides all equipment needed to race. We provide a race suit, head sock and helmet. You must wear closed toe shoes to race. Remember to bring your driver’s license as well.


Do I have to wear a race suit?

No, we offer a race suit but only long pants are required.


Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, a helmet is required in order to race.


Can I use my own racing gear and helmet?

Yes. We require a full face DOT/Snell rated helmet and you can provide your own race suit.


I am not a member of VLK, can I race at your facility?

Yes. VLK is a membership facility and offers substantial benefits and discounts, but customers are able to purchase races without membership. VLK is open 7 days a week for open racing. We are frequently booked during the week for private events and do not want to cause an inconvenience. Please call ahead to confirm that the track is available for open racing during the hours you plan to race.


Is racing at VLK safe?

Yes, if you listen to, and follow the safety and operation instructions given by our staff. We allow you to race hard, but without contact with the barrier or another kart. VLK takes every precaution, has well maintained equipment and an excellent 16-year safety record. Kart racing is an extreme sport and we require that you use good judgment by racing within your ability and act in a sportsmanlike manner.


How long have you been open?

VLK has been in continuous operation at the present facility since May 2000.


What is a Head Sock?

A Head Sock goes over your head and is required to be worn when using a VLK helmet.

It keeps your head cooler while racing and makes it easier to wear the helmet in a comfortable manner.


Can I call ahead and reserve a racing session?

During open racing, drivers are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. It is always advisable to call ahead to determine if our facility is closed for an exclusive event or just to get advise on a time you might arrive to avoid delays. Conditions can change within seconds from your call but using past patterns our staff will give you a best guess.


Can you offer group racing to my small group or family other than open racing?

Yes. VLK members can make a reservation for one of our formatted races. A minimum group size of 8 and a down payment is required.  Subject to track availability. Check our group race formats.


Can I race with my child who will be in a youth kart?

VLK provides family races on request and subject to availability. Call ahead and/or get approval at desk before registration.


My child is a minor (under 18), do I need to sign a waiver to allow them to race?

Yes, Anyone who is under 18 years old, needs to have a responsible adult sign a “Parental consent, release and waiver of liability” form. Click here to see the consent form and register online.

You can also print this form and bring it in with you.


Do I need to come in to sign for my minor? Is there another option?

We do not require you to come in person to sign. If you are unable to come to VLK you can fill out the “Parental consent, release and waiver of liability” form at the bottom of the website.  You must fill out completely and respond to the email we send you.


I have signed before for my minor child. Are they able to race?

If you signed before 03/15/11, you will need to sign again. We updated our waiver on that date.

If you signed after 03/15/11, they will be able to race.


My child is 16, but does not have a driver’s license, will they be able to race?

There are two options to allow them to race:

  1. A Parent or Legal guardian is present and has a valid license
  2. Someone over 18 is present, with a valid driver’s license, is willing to sign our Co-signers Agreement, stating that all information provided is correct.


I am not a licensed driver, can I race your karts?

The following policy applies to all customers who do not have a driver’s license but are over 60” tall and are physically capable of handling our Sodi RX7 kart on our track.

• If the above description applies, you can race if Steven, Youth Karting Instructor, has made written approval on your record in Club Speed.

• If you are in this group and have raced an adult kart at VLK in the past, your account has been flagged to block you from racing an adult kart until you have successfully completed the VLK racing school. To avoid duplication of fees, your price for the school will be reduced to $110.00 if your annual membership is in force at the date your class is held.

• This policy is only waived for this class of customer if the group is a pre-registered event group run in the presence of our racing instructor who will make the decision on each member of the group and they have paid adult group rates.

We welcome, enjoy and support all who race here in a competitive and respectful manner and will continue to support our young competitors by moving them into adult karts in a safe and sensible manner.


My friend is from out of town and forgot their driver’s license; will they be able to race?

They can only race if someone over 18, with a valid driver’s license, is willing to sign our Co-signers Agreement, stating that all information provided is correct and that the racer is a licensed driver.


Do I need to sign a waiver to race at your karting center and if so how do I do so?

Every person who desires to race must sign a waiver. This is easily completed as you sign in at the computer terminals at the front desk. As a state regulated facility we are required by law to have you complete this procedure. The City, State, and our Insurance company want to protect us all.


What is the racing experience comprised of?

Each racer has 8 minutes to complete as many laps as they can in a particular racing session. The average is 10 full laps on our 1/4 mile tracks. Special Events and Corporate Racing formats may include multiple sessions or shorter or longer sessions depending on the type of event.


How many people can race at one time?

Victory Lane Karting maintains 20 high performance Sodi adult karts and 10 youth karts. The average race involves 10 people and will depend on the number of people in your party and the level of experience of people racing.


Is there training?

Each new customer is given a drivers briefing before getting in a kart. A track official will assign you to a kart, adjust your seat, pedals and help you with your seat belt and then give you the operating instructions to ensure that you can safely negotiate our road course. As you gain experience on the track your competence increases and the enjoyment and excitement of racing will follow.

We also offer Novice and Advanced Youth and Adult Driving Classes, for those who want to learn to drive better and faster. Email to book your class today.


What else is there to do at Victory Lane Karting while waiting to race or for visitors who are not racing?

Our 100,000 sq. ft. facility is a conference and entertainment venue. In addition to the fastest indoor karting track in the Carolinas.  We are also the home of Pit Road Bar & Grill (as seen on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives) and Gasoline Alley Bowling.  Visitors can enjoy playing billiards, ping pong, foosball, corn hole toss & skee ball.  We have Catered Events, Private Meeting Space, private events, and even a special VIP club lounge called Club VLK ( membership is required).  Outside food/drink is not allowed.


Do you track my racing progress?

All drivers are automatically entered into our Club Speed Program when they sign in. This allows us to assign a driver to a kart and to track each lap speed and your best overall lap. You can even automatically upload your score to your Facebook page.  Just choose this option when signing in. Visitors in your party can watch live timing on multiple screens throughout the facility.  Upon finishing your race session we offer a printout showing you details of your driving experience!


Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any other questions.