The Golden Benny Karting League meets the first Wednesday of each month at Victory Lane Karting.  Practice starts at 6:30, followed by 2 Le Mans style races.  One race is in the normal forward direction of the track,  the second is in reverse direction.  For each race, teams are drawn at random, pairing fast drivers with slower drivers to make the teams as fair as possible.  The first race is 32 minutes with pit stops to swap drivers every 8 minutes.  The second race is an hour with pit stops to swap drivers every 10 minutes.  In between races, we have food from Pit Road Bar & Grill and a bit of trash talk.

VLK collects $50/driver for the night, and the GBKL collects $15 for each driver to cover food and drinks, and add to our yearly donation to Hope Match.  See pictures and get updates on facebook.  New racers are always welcome!