+ Monday

Registration (8:30am)

  • Complete racing profiles (new attendees)
  • Pay remaining balances
  • Sign – In
  • Make sure all information is correct
  • Make sure parents are okay with kids being on video

Introduction (9-9:30am)

  • Take cell phones and electronics (explain they can look at them once at lunch only at the front table)
  • Kids and instructors introduce themselves
  • Explain VLK staff is there to help
  • Explain character, expectations, and awards (extra points)
  • Bullying: if we catch you bullying one of your peers, you will sit out the rest of the day, and we will call your parents
  • Give an overview of what is on the schedule for the day and throughout the week

Flag Theory (9:30-10am), how to race these karts (rules), and kart control

  • Meanings of flags
  • Gas and brake
  • Driver’s meeting
  • ON-TRACK Session 1 (10am-12pm) Orange Track
  • Track walk (split up)
  • Laps (2-3 heats per group)

LUNCH (12-1pm)

ON-TRACK Session 2 (1-3pm) Blue Track

Laps (3 heats per group) Any specific instruction to specific kids Cones for racing line, braking in turns, apex in corners