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Youth racing League

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A Great Way to Get Into Racing!


Youth League is a perfect way for your kid to experience racing and competing in a safe and affordable way. We have everything you need to get your kid started, from trained professional instructors, race suits, helmets, and top of the line youth karts. 

When: Saturday mornings. 7:30am – 8:00am registration. 8:15 – 10:30am on track. Followed by awards. 

Where: Victory Lane Indoor Karting

Cost: Youth Kart Class: $20 Registration Fee (one-time payment) – $35 Race Fee (each week)
Adult Class: $36 Registrations Fee (one-time payment) – $36 Race Fee (each week)

Format: 20 Min Open Practice/3 Min Qualifier/8-10 Min Heat Race/10-12 Min Final

Points: Awarded for every finishing position.

2018 Youth League Dates

Winter Youth League:

January 13

January 20

February 3

February 10

February 24

March 3

March 17

March 24

Fall Youth League:

September 8

September 15

September 22

October 6

October 13

October 20


Spring Youth League:

April 14

April 21

May 5

May 12

June 2

June 9

Holiday Youth League:

November 10

November 17

December 1

December 8


 **Subject to Change upon Availability**


Racing School

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Led by our racing instructor Steven Underwood, is the perfect introduction to racing. Small class sizes (usually 1 on 1) ensure personalized attention and lots of track time.

These classes are taught in our Youth Sodi racing karts powered by a Honda GX160cc engine. These karts are for students between 48 and 58 inches tall. They have a hydraulic clutch and gearbox, these are pure racing machines. Students will use the Adult Sodi racing karts powered by the Honda GX270cc engine if they are 58 inches or taller.

2 hour course is offered to introduce the people in the Piedmont to the thrills of kart racing. No kart purchase, no storage, no maintenance, just join the class and suit up.

The racing school will teach all aspects of karting from steering, accelerating, braking, cornering, racing line to passing. All these skills and more will be taught so that you will be competent to drive in a competitive and respectful manner. Completion of the class earns you a license, free birthday race, and the ability to take on the next level of racing instruction at VLK, our Advanced Racing School.

The cost is $125.00 – 50% Deposit must be made to reserve seat in class. Balance due before start of class

This class meets by appointment, any day 8am-10am. You must arrive by 7:30am.

A parent or legal guardian must appear at VLK before class to complete waiver. Please click here to sign online consent waiver.

All class availability is subject to change without notice. Ensure that the schedule has not changed by calling 704-377-3278.


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Kid's Karting Camp


  • June 18 – June 22
  • June 25 – June 29
  • July 9 – July 13
  • July 16 – July 20
  • July 30 – August 3
  • August 6 – August 10


Monday: Orange Track & Blue Track

Registration (8:30am)

  • Complete racing profiles (new attendees)
  • Pay remaining balances
  • Sign – In
  • Make sure all information is correct
  • Make sure parents are okay with kids being on video

Introduction (9-9:30am)

  • Take cell phones and electronics (explain they can look at them once at lunch only at the front table)
  • Kids and instructors introduce themselves
  • Explain VLK staff is there to help
  • Explain character, expectations, and awards (extra points)
  • Bullying: if we catch you bullying one of your peers, you will sit out the rest of the day, and we will call your parents
  • Give an overview of what is on the schedule for the day and throughout the week

Flag Theory (9:30-10am), how to race these karts (rules), and kart control

  • Meanings of flags
  • Gas and brake
  • Driver’s meeting
  • ON-TRACK Session 1 (10am-12pm) Orange Track
  • Track walk (split up)
  • Laps (2-3 heats per group)

LUNCH (12-1pm)

ON-TRACK Session 2 (1-3pm) Blue Track

  • Laps (3 heats per group)
  • Any specific instruction to specific kids
  • Cones for racing line, braking in turns, apex in corners


Tuesday: Orange Track
ON-TRACK Session 1: Warm Up (9:15-9:45am)

  • 6 min warm up heats

Racing Line Theory – Track Maps (9:45-10:15am)

Parts of a corner: Turn-in (entry), Apex (acceleration point), Track out (exit)

  • Wide entry, as close to apex as possible, wide exit
  • Racing line also depends on what comes before & follows
  • Optimizing entry, apex, and exit speed

ON-TRACK Session 2 (10:15-11:45am)

  • Lead & Follows

LUNCH (11:45am-12:30pm)

Forms of passing

  • Video of the GBKL (where is a good spot to pass, what is a good pass, what is a bad pass)
  • Passing Rule

ON-TRACK Session 3 (12:30-1:45pm)

  • Caution Tape Races

ON- TRACK Session 4 (1:45-3pm)

  • Passing drill OR Laps based on driving ability


Wednesday: Orange Track

ON-TRACK Session 1: Warm up (9:15-11am)

  • 8/10 min warm up heats (2 heats per group if time allows)

ON-TRACK Session 2 (11-12pm)

  • Braking Drill (different boxes set up around track)

LUNCH (12-1pm) – Movie (voted)

ON-TRACK Session 3 (1-2pm)

  • AK Laps (2, 8 minute heats)
  • YK Bowling (2 lanes, 1 game per lane)

ON-TRACK Session 4 (2-3pm)

  • YK Laps (1-2, 8 minute heats…depending on group size)
  • AK Bowling (2 lanes, 1 game per lane)


Thursday:  Blue Track & Super Track

Lemans Race Rules and Super Track – Track Maps (9:15-9:35am)

  • Pair drivers based on height

ON-TRACK Session 1: Lemans Qualifying (9:45-10:30am) Super Track

  • Everyone will get 3 laps as a warm up and qualifying lap.

ON-TRACK Session 2: Lemans Race (10:30-12:30pm) Super Track

  • 32 min Lemans Youth (8 min pit)
  • 40 min Lemans Adult (10 min pit)

LUNCH (12:30-1pm)

Driver Panel with USLC Drivers from VLK

  • ON-TRACK Session 3: Tricycle Race (1-1:30pm) Blue Track
  • Each driver will have a group.
  • Relay Race
  • Track walk with USLC drivers?

ON-TRACK Session 4: Laps (1:30-3pm)

  • AK/YK (1-2, 8 minute heats)


Friday: Orange Track

ON-TRACK Session 1: Warm Ups (9:15-10am)

  • 8 min warm up heats

Explanation of day (10-10:30am)

  • First half of day: Qualifying & Heats
  • Second half of day: Finals
  • Points (Fastest Lap (5), Hard Charger (5), Pole (5), Character each day (2), Fastest Lap each day (2))

ON-TRACK Session 2 (10:30-12pm)

  • 3 lap qualifying (all classes)
  • 8 min heat (youth)
  • 10 min heat (adult)

LUNCH (12-12:45pm)

  • Tell parents to arrive around 12:15/45pm

ON-TRACK Session 3: Finals (12:45-2pm)

  • 12 min final (youth)
  • 15 min final (adult)

Awards & T-shirts (2-3pm)

  • (15 min to calculate points)
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each kart class (cups & plaques)
  • Best Sportsman (flags mini)
  • Fastest Lap (flags mini)
  • Most Improved (flags mini)





Victory Lane’s Karting Camp is a week long (Monday-Friday) fun-filled experience for racers 8-15 years of age. The camp is led by our Youth Program’s Staff. The basis of the camp is to let kids have fun and race go-karts. Our staff has each day structured to include driving, instruction, games (adult tricycle races, ping-pong, relay races), lunch and then more racing. Some of the racing lessons learned will be the racing line, passing, and the mental side of racing. This is a great value with a lot of seat time.


Cost Of Summer Camp

1 Child $365, 2 Children $335 each ($100 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED)



2017 Summer Camp Breakfast and Lunch

Each meal will have a Gluten-free bread/bun option. If this is necessary for your child, please indicate this on the Registration page under “Allergies”.

If your child has severe allergies or special dietary needs, please indicate this under “Allergies” and contact Caira directly. For our 2017 Summer Camps we will allow parents to drop off UNCOOKED and UNOPENED ingredients with our Head Chef to make your child’s meal. This MUST be arranged at least one week before the start of your child’s Summer Camp. We will not allow any outside food or drinks within our facility unless pre-arranged with our Head Chef.


Camp Activities

Classroom instruction, on-track instruction, individual racing, team racing, Race Day, awards.



Caira Lucas– 704-377-3278ext 2 –


Download SUMMER CAMP 2017 Schedule


* Bowling will be incorporated in the schedule. Subject to Availability. *



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Youth Birthday Party Package

Youth Birthday Party Package – $50/racer (minimum of 5 racers) 

2 Races per participant. Youth Karts Only(additional races $15/race, a $5 savings over regular pricing)
Your event planner will assign a space, within the facility, that will be available to your group for 2 hours
Pizza (2 slices/person) 
2 gallons ice water
2 gallons lemonade or fruit punch
Kart tire autographed by party
Medals (1st, 2nd, and 3rd)Event planner will be with you, to assist with every detail – from “hello” to “see you next year”

Parties can only be booked during the following times: 
(7 days advance notice needed for all birthday parties, subject to availability)
Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm (Racing must be finished by 5pm)
Sat-Sun: 9am-1pm (Racing must be finished by 1pm)
(No Outside Food/Drink allowed inside the facility)

50% non-refundable deposit is required to book a party.

Racing will be completed as quickly as possible, however during normal business hours the racing will take place in rotation with walk-in racers and other parties, in the order of arrival. This may mean that the party will run over 2 hours and on rare occasions may exceed 4 hours. Please allow for this in your schedule.